Niphetogryllacris Karny, 1937

Ingrisch, Sigfrid, 2018, New taxa and records of Gryllacrididae (Orthoptera, Stenopelmatoidea) from South East Asia and New Guinea with a key to the genera, Zootaxa 4510 (1), pp. 1-278 : 229

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4510.1.1

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Niphetogryllacris Karny, 1937


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Type species: Niphetogryllacris niveiformis Karny, 1937

Discussion. Karny (1937) unites in this genus 34 species of, together, worldwide tropical distribution, but mentions by himself that the genus probably has to be further divided in future studies. The only common character that I could detract from his description is that the genus contains species with moderately long wings in which the media [media anterior] is free from base and undivided and the cubitus [MP+CuA complex] is divided into only two veins or it is undivided and the media [media anterior] is divided into two branches. That character is however not exclusive for Niphetogryllacris . Thus the genus would require a severe revision to become identifiable. The genus contains mainly African species, but the typus generis Niphetogryllacris niveiformis Karny, 1937 is from Sri Lanka.

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