Larnaca Walker, 1869

Ingrisch, Sigfrid, 2018, New taxa and records of Gryllacrididae (Orthoptera, Stenopelmatoidea) from South East Asia and New Guinea with a key to the genera, Zootaxa 4510 (1), pp. 1-278 : 201

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Larnaca Walker, 1869


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Type species: Larnaca fasciata Walker, 1869

Diagnosis. The genus is probably closely related to Capnogryllacris Karny, 1937 . The male abdominal appendages follow the same scheme. Both genera differ however strikingly in venation of tegmen. While in fully winged Capnogryllacris the venation shows a clear pattern of branching and curvature that allows to identify single veins while that is not so in Larnaca in which almost all veins run parallel and straight, which makes it difficult to identify single veins. The genus Larnaca is characterized by the substraight, dense and nearly parallel veins of the tegmen. The male ninth abdominal tergite is furrowed in midline, the apical area of both halves swollen and extended into a long strong spiniform process. In most species of the genus, the wings still cover the abdomen, but strongly brachypterous or nearly apterous species also occur.

Discussion. L. fasciata and its subspecies have recently been diagnosed and discussed by Gorochov (2003). Photographs of the types and of subspecies as well as synonymy can be found in OSF. For differentiation of L. fasciata from similar, related species see Karny (1926a).

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