Anancistrogera recticauda ochrocnemis ( Karny, 1926c )

Ingrisch, Sigfrid, 2018, New taxa and records of Gryllacrididae (Orthoptera, Stenopelmatoidea) from South East Asia and New Guinea with a key to the genera, Zootaxa 4510 (1), pp. 1-278 : 108

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4510.1.1

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Anancistrogera recticauda ochrocnemis ( Karny, 1926c )


Anancistrogera recticauda ochrocnemis ( Karny, 1926c) View in CoL

Figs. 35 View FIGURE 35 H–J

Material examined. Philippines: Samar, coll. Baker— 1 male (type) (Wien NHMW) .

Description. Face dark brown in middle with median ocelli yellowish; scapus light yellow with dark basal and apical rims; genae and mouthparts yellowish brown ( Fig. 35H View FIGURE 35 ).

Wings. Tegmen: RS dividing from R in apical area; MP branches from MA before mid-length of tegmen; CuA and CuP both single branched; with 4 anal veins ( Fig. 35I View FIGURE 35 ).

Male. Ninth abdominal tergite in apical area with a pair of oval swellings separated by a deep furrow and terminating into blunt teeth ( Fig. 35J View FIGURE 35 ). Subgenital plate with apical margin bilobate; styli rather short.


Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien

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