Papuogryllacris trianguligera trianguligera ( Griffini, 1911a )

Ingrisch, Sigfrid, 2018, New taxa and records of Gryllacrididae (Orthoptera, Stenopelmatoidea) from South East Asia and New Guinea with a key to the genera, Zootaxa 4510 (1), pp. 1-278 : 264-265

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4510.1.1

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Papuogryllacris trianguligera trianguligera ( Griffini, 1911a )


Papuogryllacris trianguligera trianguligera ( Griffini, 1911a) View in CoL

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Material examined. Papua New Guinea: Kaiser Wilhelmsland , Nuwu Fluss, Hochwald,, coll. Lauterbach— 1 male (Berlin ZMB) .

Diagnosis. Male ninth abdominal tergite in middle of apical area concavely depressed, that area surrounded by a curved bulge terminating on both sides in a short lobe. Male subgenital plate with medial process comparatively

long and narrow, at tip bifid; apico-lateral angles of subgenital plate forming the bases of the styli also somewhat projecting and on dorso-internal margin produced into stout thorn-like process with acute tip ( Fig. 95G View FIGURE 95 ).


Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (Zoological Collections)

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