Castolus rufomarginatus Champion, 1899

Forero, Dimitri & Mejía-Soto, Andrés, 2021, A striking sexually dimorphic new species of Castolus (Hemiptera: Heteroptera Reduviidae) from Colombia, with new records from Neotropical countries and taxonomic notes on the genus, Zootaxa 5048 (4), pp. 538-560 : 556

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.5048.4.4

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Castolus rufomarginatus Champion, 1899


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Remarks. We only found two specimens in the collections examined. This species is easily recognized due to its dark overall coloration with a bright red band on the posterior and lateral margins of the posterior pronotal lobe. Males have more protruding eyes than females.

Distribution. This species was described from Mexico and Guatemala ( Champion 1899), with additional records from Venezuela ( Maldonado 1976). It represents new country records from Costa Rica, Colombia, and Ecuador, although only iNaturalist observations were available from Costa Rica and Ecuador ( Fig. 10C View FIGURE 10 ).

Material examined. COLOMBIA — Tolima • 1♀; Cunday, [vereda] El Edén; 550m; [04.02292°N, 74.72698°W]; 8 Oct 1999; P. Ruiz, leg.; colecta manual nocturna; MPUJ _ ENT0068463 ( MPUJ _ ENT) GoogleMaps Valle del Cauca • 1 ♀; Tuluá, vereda Mateguadua, Jardín Botánico Juan María Céspedes; [04.02323°N, 76.16076°W]; 1100m; en rastrojo; G. González, leg.; MPUJ _ ENT0068464 ( MPUJ _ ENT) GoogleMaps .

OTHER EXAMINED MATERIAL (iNaturalist observations): COLOMBIA — Antioquia • 1♀; Girardota ; 06.37027°N, 75.4677°W; 4 Abr 2021; D. Foster leg.; GoogleMaps 1♀; same data; GoogleMaps Cundinamarca • 1♀; Nocaima ; 05.0695°N, 74.3803°W; 14 Sep 2020; O. Enciso leg.; GoogleMaps Santander • 1♀; El Carmen de Chucurí ; 06.6266°N, 73.5954°W; 22Mar 2019; J. D. Quioga leg.; GoogleMaps 1♀; La Parcela, Piedecuesta ; 07.0286°N, 73.0631°W; 30 Mar 2021; A. Olmos leg.; GoogleMaps . COSTA RICA — Cartago • 1♂; [near El Copal, biological reserve]; 09.7842°N, 83.7515°W; 6 Mar 2019; G. Kunz leg; GoogleMaps 1♂; same data; 4 Mar 2019; https:// GoogleMaps . ECUADOR — Pastaza • 1♀; Puyo ; 01.4845°S, 78.0060°W; 12 Sep 2020; Valeria leg.; GoogleMaps Napo • 1♀; Tena ; 00.9962°S, 77.8136°W; 12 Sep 2018; D. Schulten leg.; GoogleMaps .


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