Timaspis Mayr, 1881

Forshage, Mattias, Bowdrey, Jeremy, Broad, Gavin R., Spooner, Brian M. & van Veen, Frank, 2017, Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera - Cynipoidea, Biodiversity Data Journal 5, pp. 8049-8049: 8049

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Timaspis Mayr, 1881


Timaspis Mayr, 1881 


Synonymised with Phanacis  ( Eady and Quinlan 1963); re-established by Nieves-Aldrey (1994) but Melika (2006a) again treated Timaspis  as a synonym of Phanacis  .

Species of Timaspis  removed from the British and Irish list:

[ sonchi  (De Stefani, 1900, Aulax  )] Galls recorded from Norfolk and Surrey by Bagnall and Burkill (1935) but no recent records. Possibly confused in the literature with Aulacidea follioti  which also galls Sonchus asper  ( Nieves-Aldrey 2001).