Righiodrilus Zicsi, 1995

Celis, Liliana V., Feijoo, Alexander & Rangel-Ch, Orlando, 2018, Two new earthworm species (Oligochaeta: Annelida) of the Orinoquia region of Colombia, Zootaxa 4496 (1), pp. 440-447: 441

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Righiodrilus Zicsi, 1995


Genus Righiodrilus Zicsi, 1995  

Type species. Glossodrilus tico Righi, 1982  

Diagnosis (based on Zicsi 1995). Eight rows of closely paired setae or occasionally widely paired setae, arranged in regular series. One pair of intraclitellar male pores. Paired female pores, rarely unpaired. One pair of calciferous glands in segment xi or xii with composite tubular structure and translucent membrane additional to the structure, which extends over two or three segments. Metandric genital apparatus with seminal vesicles occupying one or more segments. Spermathecae present, rarely absent, usually without seminal chambers or diverticula.