Streblognathus aethiopicus (F. Smith)

Robertson, H. G., 2002, Revision of the ant genus Streblognathus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Ponerinae)., Zootaxa 97, pp. 1-16 : 10

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Streblognathus aethiopicus (F. Smith)


Streblognathus aethiopicus (F. Smith)   HNS

Ponera aethiopica F. Smith   HNS , 1858: 91, plate VI figs 19, 20. Worker and male described by Arnold (1915: 41-43).

Streblognathus aethiopicus (F. Smith)   HNS : Mayr 1862: 716.

WORKER. Description of worker matches that for the genus but with the following additional species-specific characters. Mandibles castaneous with black border.

Size. Head width 4.14-4.80 mm (n = 11); Head length 4.21-4.95 mm; Eye length 0.86- 1.03 mm; Scape length 4.32-5.11 mm (n = 11); Pronotal width 2.82-3.26 mm; Mesonotalpropodeal length 5.56-6.32 mm; Hind tibia length 4.80-5.54 mm; Cephalic index 94-100; Scape index 102-113; Eye index 20-23 (n = 10 except for Head width and Scape length which include the measurements of the holotype).

MALE. Description of male matches that of the genus, but with the following species-specific characters.

Size. Head width 2.55-2.99 mm; Head length 2.00-2.33 mm; Eye length 1.49-1.65 mm; Ocellus diameter 0.55-0.69 mm; Forewing length 14.42-17.20 mm; Hind tibia length 4.61-5.22 mm; Cephalic index 124-132; Eye index 54-58 (n = 5).

Diagnosis. See under S. peetersi   HNS .

Distribution and habitat. All records are from between 33 and 34 degrees latitude S, within which it has been collected from Willowmore in the west to Grahamstown and near Port Alfred in the east (Fig. 6). Found in open habitats, such as Nama Karoo. It seems to occur in small isolated populations, thus following a metapopulation structure.

Type material examined. Ponera aethiopica   HNS . Label details and measurement of scape and head width supplied to me by B. Bolton from holotype in The Natural History Museum, London. SOUTH AFRICA: ' S. Africa. '. The accessions register gives the following information for these numbers: ' Cape Colony, bought of Dr Krauss'.

Additional material examined. Grahamstown , 33°42'S 26°32'E, iii. 1997, A. Weaving ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; same locality but 26.i.1958, J.H. Grobler ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; same locality but v.1957, Nat. Mus. S. Rhodesia ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; Hilton [farm near Grahamstown] , 33°45'S 26°21'E, 11- 16.xii.1979, F.W. Gess ( AMGS) GoogleMaps ; Kowie [= Port Alfred] , 33°25'S 26°53'E, 1891, ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; Thursford Farm , 33°48'S 26°22'E, 30.vii.1983, H.G. Robertson ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; Middelburg Division , 31'S 25'E, no date, SAM Museum Expedition ( SAMC) ; Willowmore , 33°42'S 23°29'E, ii.1915, H. Brauns ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; same data but. xii.1912 ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; same data but 1911 ( TMSA) GoogleMaps .


South Africa, Cape Town, Iziko Museum of Capetown (formerly South African Museum)


South Africa, Cape Province, Grahamstown, Albany Museum


South Africa, Gauteng, Pretoria, Transvaal Museum