Scapteriscus headsi Cadena-Castañeda, 2011

Cadena-Castañeda, Oscar J., 2011, Two new species of mole crickets (Orthoptera: Gryllotalpidae: Scapteriscinae) from the Colombian Amazon and Orinoquia rainforests, Zootaxa 3126, pp. 62-68 : 63-65

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.203439


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Scapteriscus headsi Cadena-Castañeda

n. sp.

Scapteriscus headsi Cadena-Castañeda n. sp.

( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1. S )

Diagnosis. Species similar to S. oxydactylus . Differing from this species in body coloration and by shape and length of trochanter blade: S. oxydactylus ( Fig. 2 View FIGURE 2. S ) is yellowish-tan with dark brown spots, with triangulate trochanter blade, tooth-like, about 1.0 mm long (0.65–0.79 mm), while S. headsi n. sp. is yellowish-tan without dark brown spots, trochanter blade elongated and flattened with curved apex, 1.55 mm long. Large mole crickets, with elongate oval pronotum (L/ W 1.20). Ocelli very large, elongate about 0.8 mm. Interocellar distance 0.85 mm.

Holotype. Ƥ Colombia, Guainia, Inirida, Resguardo Indigena “La Ceiba” 40 km south west of Inirida. 110 m a.s.l., 2–9 of November 1997. Museo Javeriano de Historia Natural Lorenzo Uribe Uribe S.J. ( MPUJ).

Description. Head. Ocelli prominent, elongate; length of ocellus ~ 0.8 mm. Interocellar distance ~ 2.6 mm, or about 3 x length of ocellus. Ocellus separated from compound eye by 0.4 mm, or subequal 2 x to length of ocellus. Thorax. Length of pronotum 12.9 mm; L/W pronotum 1.20. Forelegs. dorsal margin of tibia overlapping tympanum, about 95 % of tympanum concealed as seen from above. Interdactyl distance 0.7 mm. Trochanter 2.1 x longer than broad; dorsal margin convex, ventral margin straight; apex rounded. Blade of trochanter 1.55 mm long, nearly 1 / 4 as long as short length of trochanter. Tegmen; Tegmen/femur ratio 2.35 mm.

Morphometric ratios S. headsi n. sp. S.oxydactylus ocellar length/interocellar distance 0.9 0.9 ocular-ocellar distance/interocellar distance 0.47 3.0 interdactyl distance/trochanter blade length 0.45 0.98 interdactyl distance/interocular distance 0.26 0.39 interdactyl distance/interocellar distance 1.75 0.70 ocular-ocellar distance/interocular distance 0.15 9.03 interocellar distance/interocular distance 0.32 2.54 interocellar distance/trochanter blade length 0.54 1.37 Color patterns. Body predominantly yellowish, occiput with three faint light brown stripes, pronotum in dorsal view with light brown rhomboid spots across the midline of the pronotal disc. Hind femur with two light brown spots on the dorsal margin, hind tibia yellowish without spots.

Measurements. (mm). Ocellar length: 0.8, interocellar distance: 0.85, interocular distance: 2.6, ocular-ocellar distance: 0.4, interdactyl distance: 0.7, length of trochanter blade: 1.55, length pronotum: 12.9, width pronotum: 10.7; total length: 49.

Morphometric ratios. Ocellar length/ interocellar distance: 0.9, ocular-ocellar distance/ interocellar distance: 0.47, interdactyl distance/ trochanter blade length: 0.45, interdactyl distance/ interocular distance: 0.26, interdactyl distance/ interocellar distance: 1.75, ocular-ocellar distance/ interocular distance: 0.15, interocellar distance/ interocular distance: 0.32, interocellar distance/ trochanter blade length: 0.54.

Distribution. Only known from the Colombian Orinoquia region.

Etymology. In honor of Dr. Sam W. Heads in return for his invaluable assistance and friendship.