Myrmica specioides Bondroit

Paknia, O., Radchenko, A. & Pfeiffer, M., 2010, New records of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Iran., Asian Myrmecology 3, pp. 29-38: 34

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Myrmica specioides Bondroit


Myrmica specioides Bondroit  HNS  , 1918

Material: 8 $, Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests, Babolsar, in urban area (36°42'30''N, 52°38'04''E), 10 m asl, 18.IX.2002, leg. Omid PakniaGoogleMaps  .

Remarks: This species has a very wide distribution that includes Europe (northwards to the south of England and Denmark), the Caucasus, Anatolia, Turkmenistan, southwest Siberia and northern Kazakhstan, eastwards to the Altai Mountains (Radchenko & Elmes 2004; Radchenko 1994b ); it was introduced to North America (Jansen & Radchenko 2009).