Sertularella areyi Nutting, 1904,

Otto M. P. Oliveira, Thaís P. Miranda, Enilma M. Araujo, Patricia Ayón, Cristina M. Cedeño-Posso, Amancay A. Cepeda-Mercado, Pab, 2016, Census of Cnidaria (Medusozoa) and Ctenophora from South American marine waters, Zootaxa 4194 (1), pp. 1-256: 115

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Sertularella areyi Nutting, 1904


Sertularella areyi Nutting, 1904 

Synonyms in the area:? Sertularella areyi  —Vannucci 1949, 1951a [polyp].

Remarks: Vannucci (1949:244) studied a fragmented colony and gave no mesaurements in her description. However, the morphological description provided by Vannucci is quite complete and similar to the original description. The same author subsequently considered the record of the species undoubtful (Vannucci 1951a).

Distribution in South America: polyp—Atlantic Ocean, Brazil, at 20.55°S 40.24°W, from 23°S to 23.13°S, from 27.13°S to 27.99°S (Vannucci 1949, 1951a; Migotto et al. 2002; Miranda  et al. 2015).

Habitat: polyp—at 35m depth (Vannucci 1949).