Clarias Scopoli

Heok Hee Ng, 2003, Clarias insolitus, a new species of clariid catfish (Teleostei: Siluriformes) from southern Borneo., Zootaxa 284, pp. 1-8: 1

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Clarias Scopoli


The genus Clarias Scopoli  ZBK  , 1777 is a group of air-breathing catfishes found in inland waters throughout much of the Old World.

They are easily identified by an anguilliform body, long-based dorsal and anal-fins, eye with free orbital margin and located dorsolaterally, large and well-developed neurocranium and the presence of an accessory breathing organ comprised of modified gill arches.

Although the bulk of Clarias  ZBK  diversity is found in Africa (Teugels, 1986), 18 nominal species, 12 of which are currently considered valid (Ng, 1999; 2001), are known from Southeast Asia.

As recent studies have shown, the diversity of Southeast Asian Clarias  ZBK  is higher than previously thought and undescribed taxa are still being described.