Pseudohemiodon Bleeker, 1862

Raphael Covain & Sonia Fisch-Muller, 2007, The genera of the Neotropical armored catfish subfamily Loricariinae (Siluriformes: Loricariidae): a practical key and synopsis., Zootaxa 1462, pp. 1-40: 34

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Pseudohemiodon Bleeker, 1862


Pseudohemiodon Bleeker, 1862  ZBK  .

Type species: Hemiodon platycephalus Kner, 1853  ZBK  .

Holotype: lost ( Isbrücker 1971), Brazil, Rio Cuiaba . 

Gender: masculine.

Pseudohemiodon  ZBK  is distributed in the Amazon and Paraná River basins. This genus is also known from the Orinoco system. Like other members of the Pseudohemiodon  ZBK  group, Pseudohemiodon  ZBK  occurs primarily over sandy substrates. This ecological specialization is reflected by the dramatic dorsoventral compression of the body and pelvic fins that are used mainly for locomotion on sand. Sexual dimorphism is unknown, but like the other genera in this group, Pseudohemiodon  ZBK  species are abdomino-lip brooders (pers. obs.). The very large eggs are incubated by the male. Considering their ecological and morphological specialization, representatives of the Pseudohemiodon  ZBK  group may represent highly derived Loricariinae  . This is in agreement with Rapp Py-Daniel (1997), who found Planiloricariina  nested within Loricariini  , as sister group of Loricaria  ZBK  . Seven species are currently recognized (Ferraris 2003). A partial key to the species is available in Isbrücker (1975).