Bangana tungting

E Zhang & Yi-Yu Chen, 2006, Revised diagnosis of the genus Bangana Hamilton, 1822 (Pisces: Cyprinidae), with taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on the Chinese species., Zootaxa 1281, pp. 41-54: 52

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Bangana tungting


Bangana tungting  -

Upper Yangtze River basin, Sichuan: IHB 751153, 1 ex., 212.3 mm SL, Youyang  . Dongting Lake system, Hunan: IHB 73X1695 73X1697-1702, 754621-23, 9 ex.,135.2-302.0 mm SL, Yuanling  ; IHB 73X1600, 1ex., 163 mm SL, Hanshou  ; IHB 73IV0261 64IX1890, 2 ex., 69.1-152.8 mm SL, Yueyang  .