Monteiroconus neugeboreni ( Hoernes & Auinger, 1879 ),

Harzhauser, Mathias & Landau, Bernard, 2016, A revision of the Neogene Conidae and Conorbidae (Gastropoda) of the Paratethys Sea, Zootaxa 4210 (1), pp. 1-178: 113

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Monteiroconus neugeboreni ( Hoernes & Auinger, 1879 )


Monteiroconus neugeboreni ( Hoernes & Auinger, 1879) 

Figs 17 U, 26D1–D3

[ Dendroconus  ] [ Conus  ] Neugeboreni  n. f.— Hoernes 1878a: 195 (nomen nudum).

Conus (Dendroconus) Neugeboreni  nov. form.— Hoernes & Auinger 1879: 19, pl. 1, fig. 5, pl. 2, fig. 5.

Type material. Holotype NHMW 1949View Materials /0005/0001, Lăpugiu de Sus ( Romania). 

Studied material. Holotype.

Illustrated material. Figs 26View FIGURE 26 D1–D3, 17U: holotype, Lăpugiu de Sus ( Romania), SL: 66 mm, MD: 38 mm, NHMW 1949View Materials /0005/0001; middle Miocene, Badenian (Langhian). 

Description: Moderately large shell of pyriform shape. Low conical spire with pointed apex; spire whorls deeply concave in adapical half, forming a convex bulge in abapical part; smooth, suture narrow and regular. Shoulder rounded; last whorl moderately convex above maximum diameter, strongly constricted below; subsutural flexure shallow, moderately curved, moderately asymmetrical. Aperture narrow adapically, widening towards moderately narrow and long canal. Base with narrow, widely-spaced, convex spiral cords; siphonal fasciole very weak; inner lip narrow, slightly twisted. Colour pattern under UV light consisting of numerous, densely spaced spirals of dashes covering the last whorl; the blotches on the shoulder indicated by Hoernes & Auinger (1879, pl. 1 fig. 5) are a misinterpretation or are not visible any more.

Shell measurements and ratios. Holotype: SL: 66 mm, MD: 38 mm, spire angle = 128°, last whorl angle = 39°, LW = 1.74, RD = 0.64, PMD = 0.8, RSH = 0.1.

Discussion. At first sight, this species might be considered synonym with Pseudonoduloconus austriacus ( Hoernes & Auinger, 1879)  , due to its pyriform shape. It differs, however, in the narrower, deeply concave spire whorls, the regular suture, the rounded shoulder and the even more pronounced constriction of the base. The aperture is adapically narrower, as is the siphonal canal. The position of maximum diameter is placed lower, resulting in a Ficus  -like outline and lastly M. neugeboreni ( Hoernes & Auinger, 1879)  lacks the subobsolete tubercles on the spire whorls seen in P. austriacus  . As the fig-shaped outline is also atypical for Monteiroconus  , this generic placement is tentative.

Paleoenvironment. No information is available; shallow water elements are frequently found transported into deep marine settings at Lăpugiu de Sus.

Distribution in Paratethys. Badenian (middle Miocene): Transylvanian Basin: Lăpugiu de Sus ( Romania) ( Hoernes & Auinger 1879).


Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien






Monteiroconus neugeboreni ( Hoernes & Auinger, 1879 )

Harzhauser, Mathias & Landau, Bernard 2016

Conus (Dendroconus)

Hoernes 1879: 19


Hoernes 1878: 195