Lautoconus andreei ( Kittl, 1887 ),

Harzhauser, Mathias & Landau, Bernard, 2016, A revision of the Neogene Conidae and Conorbidae (Gastropoda) of the Paratethys Sea, Zootaxa 4210 (1), pp. 1-178: 74-76

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Lautoconus andreei ( Kittl, 1887 )


Lautoconus andreei ( Kittl, 1887) 

Figs 15AView FIGURE 15 1View FIGURE 1 –A3

Conus Andréei  n. f.— Kittl 1887: 241, pl. 8, figs 2a –b.

Type material. Holotype: NHMW 1888View Materials /0001/0008, Jaklowetz at Ostrava ( Czech Republic); middle Miocene , early Badenian (Langhian). 

Studied material. Holotype.

Illustrated material. 15A1–A3: Jaklowetz at Ostrava ( Czech Republic): SL: 70 mm, MD: 39.5 mm, NHMW 1888View Materials /0001/0008. 

Revised description. Large solid shell with cyrtoconoid, bulbous spire with high, convex, weakly angulated whorls; deep suture. Flat to slightly concave, steeply sloping sutural ramp on last whorl; shoulder angulated. Subsutural flexure not preserved. Last whorl cylindrical below shoulder and distinctly constricted at base. Siphonal canal not preserved. Aperture moderately wide, anteriorly flaring. Shell surface smooth.

Discussion. Only a single fragmentary specimen with recrystallized shell is available. As already pointed out by Kittl (1887), the barrel-shaped last whorl characterises this rare species and separates it from all other Paratethyan cones. The poor preservation and lack of important conchological features make our generic placement provisional.

Paleoenvironment. The mollusc assemblages from the Ostrava region suggest a deep water environment. Distribution in Paratethys. Badenian (middle Miocene): Carpathian Foredeep: Jaklowetz at Ostrava ( Czech Republic).


Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien






Lautoconus andreei ( Kittl, 1887 )

Harzhauser, Mathias & Landau, Bernard 2016

Conus Andréei

Kittl 1887: 241