Harzhauser, Mathias & Landau, Bernard, 2016, A revision of the Neogene Conidae and Conorbidae (Gastropoda) of the Paratethys Sea, Zootaxa 4210 (1), pp. 1-178: 144

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Conus  sensu lato 1

Note. This species group comprises Conus posticestriatus Kojumdgieva in Kojumdgieva & Strachimirov, 1960  , C. praelongus Hoernes & Auinger, 1879  , C. sturi Hoernes & Auinger, 1879  and maybe C. johannae Hoernes & Auinger, 1879  . All are characterized by medium-sized to moderately large and elongate shells with medium high, conical spire. All have distinctly tuberculate early spire whorls and a striate spire; the subsutural flexures are shallow and moderately curved. Raised spiral cords on the last whorl are typical and may reach up to the shoulder. The broad spiral cords of C. johannae  are comparable but not identical with these spiral cords. In respect to the strikingly similar morphology of the early spire whorls, we provisionally place this species here.

The shells are reminiscent of Lautoconus  species in general shell shape. The striate spire whorls would not contradict a placement in this genus as well. The prominently tuberculate early spire whorls, however, are unknown in Lautoconus  .