Harzhauser, Mathias & Landau, Bernard, 2016, A revision of the Neogene Conidae and Conorbidae (Gastropoda) of the Paratethys Sea, Zootaxa 4210 (1), pp. 1-178: 153

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Conus  sensu lato 3

Note. The third group is represented only by Conus mucronatolaevis (Sacco, 1893)  , which is outstanding due to its mammillate spire, clearly differing from the other two species-groups. This species is morphologically very close to several species treated as Varioconus  by Tucker & Tenorio (2009, 2013) [ Varioconus  is considered a junior synonym of Lautoconus  by Puillandre et al. (2014a, b)]. Especially, Lautoconus micropunctatus ( Rolán & Röckel, 2000)  is highly reminiscent of C. mucronatolaevis  in its outline and colour pattern. Nevertheless, the presence of tuberculate early spire whorls excludes a placement in Lautoconus  .