Mesovelia horvathi

Jehamalar, E. Eyarin, Chandra, Kailash & Polhemus, Dan A., 2019, Review of the Mesovelia horvathi species complex (Hemiptera: Gerromorpha: Mesoveliidae), with the description of seven new species from India, Zootaxa 4651 (3), pp. 471-496: 473

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Mesovelia horvathi


Mesovelia horvathi  species complex

Diagnosis. The frontoclypeal region has more than five thick bristles; the third and the fourth antennomeres are distinctly longer than the first segment; the flexor region of the fore femur either lacks spines or has at most 1–2 spines; the flexor region of the middle femur either lacks spines or has at most 1–2 spines; sternum VIII is posterolaterally excavated; the basal section of the male paramere has sparse setation; the paramere is never twisted beyond the middle; the mediolateral process of the proctiger of the male is long; the ventral side of the male proctiger adjacent to the mediolateral process is mostly not excavated, but rarely with a very minute V-shaped excavation medially; the dorsomedian process (dmp) of the pygophore has a blunt tip; the anterior part of the proctiger has sparse setation medially; the head between the eye and the antennal tubercle has short, thick seta directed laterally.