Brown, W. L., 1950, Morphological, taxonomic and other notes on ants., Wasmann Journal of Biology 8, pp. 241-250: 249

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Dolichoderus  HNS  Lund.

This genus has been accepted as containing several subgenera but it appears that generic rank is indicated for certain of these. In the New World, at least, Dolichoderus  HNS  , Monacis  HNS  , and Hypoclinea  HNS  appear distinct as good genera. The Indo-Australian forms probably can be split into several good genera along approximately the present subgeneric lines. The best provisional treatment would be that of according generic rank to all present subgenera. Dolichoderus  HNS  (s. str.) appears the most distinct of all these groups and possibly the most primitive. Specialists in the Indo-Australian fauna can best decide for the present what the status of their part of the fauna is to be, but it does not seem logical to involve any of the Old World forms with any group occurring in the New World except Hypoclinea  HNS  .