Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) schizorhina (Bates, 1888)

Vallejo, Luís Fernando & Wolff, Martha, 2013, The genus Phyllophaga Harris (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae) in the Colombian Andean Mountains, Zootaxa 3722 (2), pp. 101-142: 116-118

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Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) schizorhina (Bates, 1888)


10. Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) schizorhina (Bates, 1888)  

Redescription. Length 21–24 mm. Body oval, elongate; dorsal surface dark chestnut-brown, punctate. Pronotum ( Fig. 41 View FIGURES 41 – 50 ) is wider than long the dorsal half, lateral margins irregular, crenulate. Clypeus ( Fig. 41 View FIGURES 41 – 50 ) is bilobed, concave, with a raised margin. Antennae ( Fig. 42 View FIGURES 41 – 50 ) have 10 antennomeres with the antennal club as long as the six preceding antennomeres. Tarsal claws ( Fig. 43 View FIGURES 41 – 50 ) have a ventral tooth located next to the basal expansion. Metatibiae are long, wide, and flat ( Fig. 44 View FIGURES 41 – 50 ) with two typical spurs, of which the inner spur is shorter than the outer spur and is fused with the tibia; similarly, two toothed carinae in the mid and basal portion are present. The pygidial plate has minute setae on its ventral and frontal extremes ( Figs. 45–47 View FIGURES 41 – 50 ); also, anterior-distal punctures in the ventral position are present. The male genital structure ( Figs. 48–50 View FIGURES 41 – 50 ) is easily differentiable, the base of genital capsule has a short, sinuous distal margin and the dorsal basal margin is projected. Parameres are 1.3 times longer than the width of the base, finishing in a rounded apex. The ventral membrane of the genital capsule does not have sclerotized plates ( Figs. 48–49 View FIGURES 41 – 50 ); the aedeagus is slightly asymmetric with a narrow, somewhat sclerotized, hook-shaped support at the apex.

Comments. Originally this species was collected in tropical forests of Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama (Morón 2003).

New geographic records. Departamento de Risaralda: Municipio de Quinchía, (1,825 m) May 2007, Octavio Útima, cafetal, 2 males, 1 female. Departamento de Caldas: Municipio de Manizales, Granja Tesorito   , (2,280 m). 17 March 2006, en arboloco ( Montanoa quadrangularis   ), Fernando Vallejo, 12 males, 7 females.