Atlantodesmus itapurensis ( Schubart, 1943 )

Bouzan, Rodrigo Salvador, Pena-Barbosa, João Paulo P. & Brescovit, Antonio Domingos, 2017, Taxonomic review of the genus Atlantodesmus Hoffman, 2000 (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae), Zootaxa 4236 (2), pp. 269-290: 279-280

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Atlantodesmus itapurensis ( Schubart, 1943 )


Atlantodesmus itapurensis ( Schubart, 1943) 

Figures 4View FIGURE 4 D̄F, 9–11, 19

Leptodesmus itapurensis Schubart, 1943: 148  , fig. 48–50 (Male holotype from Itapura (51°30’32’’W, 20°38’45’’S), Andradina, São Paulo, Brazil, originally deposited in Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, now in the MZSPAbout MZSP 926, examined). Leptodesmus buecherli Schubart, 1955: 514  , fig. 1 (Three males and one female syntypes, from District of Santana, São Paulo (46°38′ 0″ W, 23°33′ 0″ S), São Paulo, Brazil, 1940, W. Bücherl leg. deposited in MZSPAbout MZSP 924-925, examined). New synonymy.

Atlantodesmus itapurensis: Hoffman, 2000: 106  .

Justification of synonymy: Type specimens of both nominal species were examined. The original descriptions of both species show complete agreement when considering the body shape and color. Gonopods of A. buecherli  and A. itapurensis  display no difference. The presence of a serrated margin on the apex of the prefemoral process is variable even in the same specimen and slight variations occur in the spoon-shaped blade of the prefemoral process. However, these variations are considered intraspecific.

Additional material examined. BRAZIL. MATO GROSSO DO SUL: Chapadão do Sul , Porto das Pedras, (52°53’33’’W, 19°38’33’’S), 1♂, 07/XI/2008, Sampaio col. ( MNRJAbout MNRJ 11969View Materials)GoogleMaps  . SÃO PAULO: Assis, Estação Ecológica de Assis , (50°41’88’’W, 22°66’04’’S), 14♂ 10♀, 25–30/XI/2002, Equipe Biota col. ( IBSPAbout IBSP 2973View Materials, IBSPAbout IBSP 2975View Materials, IBSPAbout IBSP 2976View Materials, IBSPAbout IBSP 2978View Materials, IBSPAbout IBSP 2979View Materials, IBSPAbout IBSP 2980View Materials, IBSPAbout IBSP 2981View Materials, IBSPAbout IBSP 2983View Materials, IBSPAbout IBSP 2984View Materials, IBSPAbout IBSP 2985View Materials, IBSPAbout IBSP 2986View Materials, IBSPAbout IBSP 2987View Materials)GoogleMaps  . Araçatuba, Anhangaí (50°45’36’’W, 21°20’28’’S), 1♂, XII/1926, R. Spix col. ( MZSPAbout MZSP 923View Materials)GoogleMaps  . Teodoro Sampaio, Parque Estadual Morro do Diabo (52°29’74’’W, 22°52’89’’S), 2♂ 1♀, 11–14/XI/2012, P.G.B.S Dias et. al. col. ( IBSPAbout IBSP 4369View Materials)GoogleMaps  . Monte Aprazível (49°71’03’’W, 20°76’83’’S), 2♂ 5♀, 9/I/1950, O. Schubart col. ( MZSPAbout MZSP 3288–3290View Materials, MZSPAbout MZSP 3289–3293View Materials)GoogleMaps  .

Diagnosis. Males of Atlantodesmus itapurensis  differ from all other species of the genus by the spoon-shaped tip of the prefemoral process being in close proximity to the solenomere tip ( Fig. 10View FIGURE 10 D, arrow).

Redescription. Male (Holotype, MZSPAbout MZSP 926). Coloration (in alcohol): Head light brown. Antenna yellow. Body light brown. Paranotal tips yellowish. Telson light brown. Total length: 40. Collum 1.72 long, 5.36 wide. Antennomere lengths (1>7): 0.6; 1.7; 1.5; 1.5; 1.5; 1.2; 0.3. Gonopod aperture 3.14 long, 3.87 wide. Telson 1.39. Coxae with a distal row of bristles dorsally. Without coxal apophysis. Prefemoral region ventrally positioned, gradually narrowing. Prefemoral process long, narrow at base, widening to end in a broad apex; apical edge with serrated margin and a spoon-shaped blade ( Fig. 10View FIGURE 10 D, arrow); apex of prefemoral process in close proximity to solenomere tip ( Fig. 9View FIGURE 9 A). Dorsal side of the prefemoral region with several folds. Conspicuous cingulum present ( Fig. 10View FIGURE 10 C). Solenomere long and falciform, with a pointed tip. Lobe present above the bifurcation of the solenomere and the acropodite process, in mesal view ( Fig. 9View FIGURE 9 A, arrow). Acropodite process blade-shaped and curved, apex shovel-shaped. Acropodite process distinctly longer than solenomere, enveloping the solenomere ( Figs 10View FIGURE 10 A–B).

Female ( IBSPAbout IBSP 2973). Coloration (in alcohol) and body as in male. Total length 44. Collum 1.57 long, 4.81 wide. Telson 1.56. Cyphopods ( Figs 11View FIGURE 11 C–D) with many fine bristles on the valves, valves apically with concave groove, intermediate membrane not protruding ( Fig. 11View FIGURE 11 D).

Distribution. States of Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo, Brazil, in areas containing the Brazilian Atlantic forest and Cerrado biomes ( Por et al. 2005).


Sao Paulo, Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de Sao Paulo


Museu Nacional/Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro


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Atlantodesmus itapurensis ( Schubart, 1943 )

Bouzan, Rodrigo Salvador, Pena-Barbosa, João Paulo P. & Brescovit, Antonio Domingos 2017


Leptodesmus itapurensis

Schubart 1955: 514Schubart 1943: 148


Atlantodesmus itapurensis:

Hoffman 2000: 106