Myrmicaria eumenoides subspecies opaciventris variety crucheti (Santschi)

Wheeler, W. M., 1922, The ants collected by the American Museum Congo Expedition., Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 45, pp. 39-269: 146

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Myrmicaria eumenoides subspecies opaciventris variety crucheti (Santschi)


Myrmicaria eumenoides subspecies opaciventris variety crucheti (Santschi)  HNS 

Stanleyville, [[worker]]; Leopoldville, [[worker]]; Ngayu, [[worker]]; Avakubi, [[worker]] (Lang and Chapin). The workers from Avakubi, 22 in number, were taken from the stomachs of toads (Bufo regularis and B. funereus). I refer numerous specimens from these localities to the variety crucheti  HNS  since they agree with Santschi's very brief description in size (5 to 5.5 mm.) and in having slender but straight epinotal spines. The petiolar node in my specimens is distinctly broader and less compressed laterally than in the typical eumenoides  HNS  and not shorter than the peduncle. The surface of the petiole is not so smooth, though it is not longitudinally rugulose. I have received this same form in all three phases from Rev. Geo. Schwab, who took it at Metit, Cameroon. The female is very similar to that of the typical eumenoides  HNS  , but the head is somewhat smaller, with slightly more prominent posterior corners and the gaster is entirely opaque and punctate, except the bases of the second and following segments. I am unable to detect any differences between the males of the two forms. Arnold describes the wings of the male eumenoides  HNS  as paler than those of the female. This is certainly not the case in crucheti  HNS  .