Aegyriana Deroux, 1975

Wilbert, Norbert & Song, Weibo, 2005, New contributions to the marine benthic ciliates from the Antarctic area, including description of seven new species (Protozoa, Ciliophora), Journal of Natural History 39 (13), pp. 935-973 : 941

publication ID 10.1080/00222930400001509

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Aegyriana Deroux


Genus Aegyriana Deroux in Song and Wilbert, 2002

In original description, the oral structure was insufficiently and incorrectly interpreted as it is difficult to detect because of its extremely anterior position ( Deroux 1970; Song and Wilbert 2002). With the current population we had the opportunity to make further observations, so that an improved definition can be given here.

Improved diagnosis

Dorsoventrally flattened Dysteriidae with tail-shaped podite, which is positioned subcaudally in a glabrous region within the somatic kineties; oral ciliature in two parts: ca three close-set fragments on right and one kinety on left; left postoral kineties shortened posteriorly and continuous with right ones, leaving no median gap or suture; cytopharyngeal rods prominent.

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