Pleuronema coronatum Kent, 1881

Wilbert, Norbert & Song, Weibo, 2005, New contributions to the marine benthic ciliates from the Antarctic area, including description of seven new species (Protozoa, Ciliophora), Journal of Natural History 39 (13), pp. 935-973 : 947

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Pleuronema coronatum Kent, 1881


Pleuronema coronatum Kent, 1881

( Figures 1B View Figure 1 , 13H, M View Figure 13 )

This species was also identified from protargol-impregnated specimens (with numerous individuals). All morphometrical data correspond to the previous descriptions perfectly ( Dragesco 1968; Song and Wilbert 2002). Hence only some extra data will be supplied here.

Micronuclei almost always several in number and closely adjacent to the rounded, large macronucleus. The Antarctic population has on average 40 somatic kineties, of which about five are shortened posteriorly on the left of the buccal field ( Figure 1B View Figure 1 ).

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