Orthodonella shenae Song and Wilbert, 2002

Wilbert, Norbert & Song, Weibo, 2005, New contributions to the marine benthic ciliates from the Antarctic area, including description of seven new species (Protozoa, Ciliophora), Journal of Natural History 39 (13), pp. 935-973 : 938

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https://doi.org/ 10.1080/00222930400001509

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Orthodonella shenae Song and Wilbert, 2002


Orthodonella shenae Song and Wilbert, 2002

( Figure 2E–G View Figure 2 ; Table II)

This species was newly established by the present authors (Song and Wilbert 2002), but unfortunately, was assigned incorrectly to the order Cyrtophorida ( Corliss 1979) .

The current population resembles that previously described by Song and Wilbert (2002) very well except that it exhibits more variability in size and shape of cells: from 52 to 126 M m in length after impregnation (Table II). In addition, two pores for each of two contractile vacuoles are found on the dorsal side in at least two specimens ( Figure 2F View Figure 2 , arrows). As an additional contribution, we also supply here the statistical data that was previously lacking (Table II).

Order CYRTOPHORIDA Fauré-Fremiet in Corliss, 1956

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