Hemigastrostyla Song and Wilbert, 1997

Wilbert, Norbert & Song, Weibo, 2005, New contributions to the marine benthic ciliates from the Antarctic area, including description of seven new species (Protozoa, Ciliophora), Journal of Natural History 39 (13), pp. 935-973 : 966

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https://doi.org/ 10.1080/00222930400001509

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Hemigastrostyla Song and Wilbert, 1997


Genus Hemigastrostyla Song and Wilbert, 1997

This genus was established by Song and Wilbert (1997), which was defined originally by (1) generally having an Oxytricha -like cirral pattern; (2) usually possessing slightly cephalized body shape; and (3) presence of two ‘‘extra’’ ventral cirri.

On the basis of the new understanding subsequently obtained ( Song and Hu 1999), however, the diagnosis of this genus should be slightly amended and some new points need to be added: (1) no right-lateral anlagen of dorsal kineties occurrs during morphogenesis; (2) the proximal portion of the old adoral zone (AZM) will be replaced by newly formed structure; (3) 8–10 frontal (including one buccal), five to seven ventral cirri; (4) highly developed fibre system which is associated with cirri; (5) inflexible body shape; (6) dorsal cilia located in small pits.

According to this new definition, the organism found in the present investigation should be assigned as a new species of the genus Hemigastrostyla .

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