Scorzonera L., Sp. Pl.: 790. 1753.,

Zaika, Maxim A., Kilian, Norbert, Jones, Katy, Krinitsina, Anastasiya A., Nilova, Maya V., Speranskaya, Anna S. & Sukhorukov, Al, 2020, Scorzonera sensu lato (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) - taxonomic reassessment in the light of new molecular phylogenetic and carpological analyses, PhytoKeys 137, pp. 1-85: 1

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Scorzonera L., Sp. Pl.: 790. 1753.


Scorzonera L., Sp. Pl.: 790. 1753. 


(Green in Hitchcock and Green 1929: 177): Scorzonera humilis  L.


Scorzonera  in this revised sense as a monophyletic genus includes four larger clades, the Scorzonera  s.str. clade (3 spp.), Scorzonera albicaulis  clade (~17 spp.), Podospermum  clade (~20 spp.) and Scorzonera purpurea  clade (2 spp.). In addition, it includes a few, so far somewhat isolated species ( S. rupicola  , S. renzii  , S. angustifolia  ). The genus in this cricumscription still shows considerable variation. Our analysis is insufficient with respect to a revision of the elaborated infrageneric classifications of previous authors. We therefore refer here to the clades of our trees.