Reticuluma testacea (Kuoh) Kuoh, 2015

Fu, Xiao & Zhang, Yalin, 2015, Description of two new species and a new combination for the leafhopper genus Reticuluma (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae: Penthimiini) from China, Zootaxa 3931 (2), pp. 253-260 : 257-259

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.3931.2.4

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Reticuluma testacea (Kuoh)

comb. nov.

Reticuluma testacea (Kuoh) View in CoL n. comb.

( Figs. 2 View FIGURE 2 A–D, 3I –K, 4I –K)

Penthimia testacea Kuoh, 1991:206 View in CoL –207.

Description. Length (including wings): male 3.5–3.8mm.

Vertex yellowish brown, covered with black brown reticulation, four dark yellow spots arranged in an arc between eyes. Face black. Pronotum with posterior margin straight. Scutellum covered with yellowish and brown reticulation, transverse black with two yellowish white spots on the end. Forewing has 5 apical cells, with black brown spots in the 2st, 3rd and 4th cell ( Figs. 2 View FIGURE 2 A–D, 5C).

External characters as in generic description.

Male genitalia. Pygofer with short and long macrosetae near posterior margin. Subgenital plate rectangular shape, on ventral side with scattered short setae on outer half lateral area and apex ( Figs. 3 View FIGURE 3. A – H I–J). Connective ‘Y’ shaped, shorter than length of style ( Figs. 3 View FIGURE 3. A – H K, 4I). Aedeagus with two pairs of processes; lateral flange with jagged margin, and smaller slender process on apex. Gonopore located on dorsal side ( Figs. 4 View FIGURE 4. A – H J–K).

Material examined. 1♂, CHINA, Hunan Prov., Huping Mountain, 20-VII-2006, Lv Lin; 1♂, CHINA, Hunan Prov., Zhangjiajie, 23-VII-2006, Lv Lin; 1♂, CHINA, Fujian Prov., Wuyi Mountain, 20-VII-2006, Yang Meixia; 1♂, CHINA, Jiangxi Prov., Lushan, 28-VII-2004, Wei Cong & Yang Meixia; 1♂, CHINA, Zhejiang Prov., Hangzhou, 3-VIII-2003, Dai Wu; 1♂, CHINA, Zhejiang Prov., Gutian Mountain, at light, 18-VIII-2003, Dai Wu; 1♂, CHINA, Zhejiang Prov., Lishui, Baishanzu, at light, 13-VIII-2003, Dai Wu.

Remarks. This species is more similar Reticuluma than to Penthimia in head shape and body reticulations; the aedeagus also has processes different in shape from the species in Penthimia . This species can be distinguished from other species of Reticuluma by the serrated lateral flange of the aedeagus.














Reticuluma testacea (Kuoh)

Fu, Xiao & Zhang, Yalin 2015

Penthimia testacea

Kuoh 1991: 206
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