Procheneosaurus altidens ( Lambe, 1902 ), Lambe, 1902

Sahni, Ashok, 1972, The vertebrate Fauna of the Judith River formation, Montana, Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 147 (6), pp. 319-416: 360-361

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Procheneosaurus altidens ( Lambe, 1902 )


Procheneosaurus altidens ( Lambe, 1902)  

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Trachodon (Pteropelyx) altidens LAMBE, 1902   , p. 76.

Procheneosaurus   ? altidens: LULL AND WRIGHT, 1942, p. 222.

A crested ornithopod is indicated by a small group of teeth, AMNH 8527 from Clambank Hollow, which are markedly different from those of Kritosaurus   (fig. 8W, X). The teeth are large, with a long, narrow and elongated enamel face having a prominently raised medial keel. Sides of the enamel face are ornamented toward the apex of the crown with small papillae. Unlike teeth of Kritosaurus   , the crown is not diamondshaped but is rectangular in lateral view.

The teeth, which vary greatly in size, closely resemble teeth of Trachodon (Pteropelyx) altidens Lambe (1902   , pl. 4, fig. 4). The species was later tentatively transferred to the genus Procheneosaurus   by Lull and Wright (1942, pp. 222-223).