Reptadeonella hastingsae Cheetham & Sandberg, 1964,

Judith L Winston, 2016, Bryozoa of Floridan Oculina reefs, Zootaxa 4071 (1), pp. 1-81: 44-45

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Reptadeonella hastingsae Cheetham & Sandberg, 1964


Reptadeonella hastingsae Cheetham & Sandberg, 1964 

( Fig. 24View FIGURE 24; Table 23)

Porina plagiopora: Smitt 1873: 30  , pl. 6, figs 134, 135.

Reptadeonella hastingsae Cheetham & Sandberg, 1964: 1039  , text-fig. 52; Winston 2005: 47, figs 123–128. Reptadeonella costulata: Winston 1982: 137  , fig. 63.

Material examined. VMNH no. 70637; USNM no. 1283250.

Description. Colony encrusting ( Fig. 24View FIGURE 24 A). Epithelial tissues usually darkly pigmented in life, but skeletal material white. Autozooids convex, oval to subrhomboidal, with thick granular frontal calcification. Short, crescentic spiramen in depression at midpoint of frontal surface and radiating series of calcified ridges and furrows extending to marginal pores that outline each zooid. Transversely oval primary orifice immersed in short peristome that ends in transversely oval secondary orifice ( Fig. 24View FIGURE 24 B, D). Triangular avicularium with rounded base between spiramen and proximal margin of orifice, directed diagonally distad, its tip reaching corner of orifice. Gonozooid similar to autozooid, but with additional row of pores distal to orifice ( Fig. 24View FIGURE 24 C); orifice and avicularium both usually slightly shorter and wider than in autozooids.

Remarks. Reptadeonella hastingsae  was recorded from the Floridan Atlantic region by Winston (1982) as Reptadeonella costulata  , in the belief that R. hastingsae  was a junior synonym of R. costulata Canu & Bassler, 1928  a, now known to be a separate species, common in cryptic reef environments in the Caribbean. Reptadeonella costulata  has larger zooids and longer avicularia, as well as more-dimorphic gonozooids.

Distribution. Florida, Gulf of Mexico.

TABLE 23. Measurements in mm of Reptadeonella hastingsae Cheetham & Sandberg, 1964.

Mean 0.652   0.067   0.681   0.141  
  0.081   0.007   0.090   0.014  
  0.540   0.054   0.558   0.126  
  0.792   0.072   0.810   0.162