Parasmittina indiginella, Judith L Winston, 2016

Judith L Winston, 2016, Bryozoa of Floridan Oculina reefs, Zootaxa 4071 (1), pp. 1-81: 47-49

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Parasmittina indiginella

sp. nov.

Parasmittina indiginella  sp. nov.

( Fig. 26View FIGURE 26; Table 25)

Material examined. Holotype: VMNH no. 70639. Paratype: USNM no. 1283252.

Etymology. Latin, indiginus, born in a country, native, plus the diminutive suffix - ella, i.e. the little native Parasmittina  .

Diagnosis. Parasmittina  with a low broad lyrula, 5–6 orificial spines, an ooecium with a larger inner area with scattered, raised pores, a narrow outer layer, and one or two triangular frontal avicularia, oriented toward the orifice peristome.

Description. Colony encrusting ( Fig. 26View FIGURE 26 A). Zooids rectangular to oval in shape with a thickly calcified lowridged frontal shield. Small, but closely spaced marginal areolae forming a double row of pores ( Fig. 26View FIGURE 26 C). Primary orifice with low, broad lyrula, almost occupying entire proximal rim; rounded lateral and distal rim smooth ( Fig. 26View FIGURE 26 D). Secondary orifice raised on low peristome ( Fig. 26View FIGURE 26 C); distal part of peristome bearing 5–6 jointed hollow spines; proximal half with U-shaped pseudosinus ( Fig. 26View FIGURE 26 D). One or two elongate triangular avicularia near zooid margins, angled toward peristome. Ooecia globular, embedded, with narrow imperforate ectooecium and large entooecium with scattered raised pseudopores ( Fig. 26View FIGURE 26 B, C).

Remarks. This species is similar to species of Parkermavella  , except for the presence of a lyrula. It is similar in size and morphology to the Barbadian species Parkermavella salebrosa Winston & Woollacott, 2009  , which, however, lacks a lyrula, has more orificial spines (6–7) and small oval avicularia.

Distribution. Florida, Oculina  banks.

TABLE 25. Measurements in mm of Parasmittina indiginella sp. nov.

Mean     0.086   0.194  
      0.007   0.018  
      0.072   0.162  
      0.099   0.234