Parasmittina oculinae, Judith L Winston, 2016

Judith L Winston, 2016, Bryozoa of Floridan Oculina reefs, Zootaxa 4071 (1), pp. 1-81: 49

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Parasmittina oculinae

sp. nov.

Parasmittina oculinae  sp. nov.

( Fig. 27View FIGURE 27; Table 26)

Material examined. Holotype: VMNH no. 70640.

Etymology. Based on the Latinized singular possessive of Oculina  , i.e. the Oculina  Parasmittina  , alluding to the habitat in which it was found.

Diagnosis. Parasmittina  with 2 orificial spines, a narrow lyrula, an ooecium with 2 narrow bands of pores, and 2 kinds of avicularia—small oval avicularia oriented distoproximally and small acute triangular avicularia oriented toward the orifice.

Description. Colony encrusting dead Oculina  ( Fig. 27View FIGURE 27 A). Zooids subrectangular, lateral margins straight, frontal shield slightly convex, imperforate except for large evenly spaced marginal pores, calcification thick and pustulose ( Fig. 27View FIGURE 27 B, C). Primary orifice round distally, smooth rimmed, with a small, weakly anvil-shaped, lyrula and narrow elongate condyles; 2 oral spines. A low uneven-edged peristome forms oval secondary orifice. 1–2 small avicularia, oval to slightly subtriangular, with median crossbars and raised rims, set into frontal shield and oriented distally or slightly tilted toward orificial center; if 2 avicularia, these paired at about same level on either side and below orifice ( Fig. 27View FIGURE 27 B –D). Ooecium spherical, outer layer coarsely calcified, stemming from distal zooid on which ooecium develops, inner layer with numerous small pores ( Fig. 27View FIGURE 27 D, E).

Remarks. The paired oral spines and the general shape of the orifice are similar to that in Parasmittina betamorphaea  , another species found on the SE U.S. coast, but P. betamorphaea  has a wider lyrula, its small oval avicularia are slightly spatulate and oriented distoproximally, its small triangular avicularia are acute and oriented toward the orifice and the pores of the inner oecial layer in P. b e t a m o r p ha e a are larger and sparser, occurring in two separate bands.

Distribution. Florida Atlantic shelf Oculina  reefs.

TABLE 26. Measurements in mm of Parasmittina oculinae sp. nov.

Mean 0.435 0.354 0.075 0.098 0.162 0.201 0.102 0.045
  0.050 0.088 0.009 0.009 0.011 0.007 0.011 0.008
  0.360 0.270 0.063 0.090 0.144 0.198 0.090 0.036
  0.486 0.522 0.090 0.108 0.180 0.216 0.117 0.054