Callopora floridana, Judith L Winston, 2016

Judith L Winston, 2016, Bryozoa of Floridan Oculina reefs, Zootaxa 4071 (1), pp. 1-81: 13

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Callopora floridana

sp. nov.

Callopora floridana  sp. nov.

( Fig. 4View FIGURE 4; Table 3)

Material examined. Holotype: VMNH 70601. Paratype: USNM 1283229.

Etymology. Pertaining to the state of Florida where the species was collected.

Diagnosis. Callopora  with extensive gymnocyst, 5–6 articulated acicular lateral spines and 4–8 stouter distal spines, a smooth ooecium, and rare teardrop-shaped interzooidal avicularia.

Description. Colonies encrusting, unilaminar with fanlike pluriserial growth pattern Fig. 4View FIGURE 4 A, B). Oval to irregular zooids, with extensive lateral and proximal gymnocyst bordering oval frontal membrane and opesia. Five or six articulated acicular spines (often broken) projecting over frontal membrane ( Fig. 4View FIGURE 4 C); thicker distal spines (2–4 per side) around orifice ( Fig. 4View FIGURE 4 E, F). Ooecia raised, rounded, smoothly calcified with curved proximal rim ( Fig. 4View FIGURE 4 D, E). Only two distal spines visible on ovicellate zooids. Avicularia seemingly rare, one laterally directed; these interzooidal, at angle to autozooids, with teardrop-shaped cystid and curved rostrum ( Fig. 4View FIGURE 4 G).

Remarks. This species most closely resembles the eastern Atlantic species Callopora discreta (Hincks, 1862)  . Callopora discreta  occurs in shell gravel and on shells off the shores of southwestern Britain and Belgium. Illustrations in Hayward & Ryland (1998) and De Blauwe (2009) showed that the two species share a pluriserial growth form, spines and similar ooecium shape, but Callopora floridana  has fewer lateral spines, 5–6 in C. floridana  vs 17–22 in C. discreta  , more distal spines, 2–4 vs 2, rare avicularia in C. floridana  instead of no avicularia in C. discreta  and a smooth ooecial surface.

Distribution. Atlantic Florida shelf Oculina  banks.

TABLE 3. Measurements in mm of Callopora floridana sp. nov.

Mean 0.659 0.386     0.189 0.242 0.351 0.180
  0.104 0.039     0.011 0.020 0.140 0.051
  0.540 0.288     0.180 0.198 0.252 0.144
  0.864 0.450     0.216 0.270 0.450 0.216