Hungarosoma bokori Verhoeff, 1928

Haľkova, Beata, Drabova, Martina & Mock, Andrej, 2021, An annotated checklist of millipede fauna from Slovakia, with ecological and biogeographic characteristics, Biodiversity Data Journal 9, pp. 71495-71495 : 71495

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Hungarosoma bokori Verhoeff, 1928


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West Carpathian


R, e, h

The first description of the species was published by Verhoeff (1928), based on a single female specimen from the Abaliget Cave in Hungary. Detailed analysis of diagnostic characteristics, based on the fresh material from the type locality, as well as all available museum material, was presented only recently by Mock et al. (2016). However, the authors overlooked the apparent similarity of the diagnostic features with that of Ochogona cervina (Verhoeff, 1899), recently pointed out by Antić et al. (2018). Gonopods of both species appear to be identical, nevertheless, a synonymy was not formally established. Minute differences between Verhoeff’s description of O. cervina and our knowledge of H. bokori must be reviewed. In addition, in order to justify the name of the family Hungarosomatidae and its position in the Chordeumatida system, the decision as to which genus the species belongs: Ochogona , Octeicosisoma , Triakontizona or Ceratosoma , has to be resolved ( Haľková and Mock 2018, Korsós and Lazányi 2020).

Reference: Papáč et al. (2014)