Lonsdale, Owen & Locke, Michelle M., 2018, Name-bearing type specimens in the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids & Nematodes (CNC): Blattodea, Dermaptera, Notoptera, Mecoptera, Megaloptera, Myriapoda, Neuroptera, Odonata, Orthoptera, Phthiraptera, Pseudoscorpiones, Psocoptera, Raphidioptera & Siphonaptera, Zootaxa 4526 (2), pp. 101-126: 107

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chillcotti Byers, 1971, Neopanorpa  

holotype (1 male, pinned)

Verbatim: NEPAL, Ktmd. Godavari, 5000′ 31 vii 1967 Can. Nepal Exped / CNC 19543 View Materials   .

Interpretive data: NEPAL. Kathmandu: Godavari , 27°35′50″N 85°23′10″E, 1524m, 31.vii.1967, Canadian Nepal Expedition, CNC Type No. 12991, CNC 91543 View Materials GoogleMaps   .

Determination: CNC. No. 12291 HOLOTYPE Neopanorpa   chillcotti ♂ George W. Byers.  

Comments: Left hind leg missing.

masoni Byers, 1994, Kalobittacus  

holotype (1 male, pinned)

Verbatim: MEX. Ver. 1100ft. Catemaco 16-18. VI W.R.M. Mason 1969 / CNC 91547 View Materials   .

Interpretive data: MEXICO. Veracruz: Catemaco , 18°25′17″N 95°6′47.01″W, 335m,, W.R.M. Mason, CNC 91547 View Materials GoogleMaps   .

Determination: HOLOTYPE Kalobittacus   masoni George W. Byers.

reductus Carpenter, 1933, Boreus  

holotype (1 male, pinned: point)

Verbatim: KALSO, BC, XII-29-06 / CNC 91527 View Materials   .

Interpretive data: CANADA. British Columbia: Kalso , 49°54′51″N 116°54′56.01′W, on snow, 29.xii.1906, CNC 91527 View Materials   .

Determination: HOLOTYPE Boreus   reductus 3450 No. Carpenter / Holotype / BOREUS   REDUCTUS Carp. Comments: Specimen missing tarsomeres on most legs; right foreleg and left midleg are whole.


Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes


Mykotektet, National Veterinary Institute