Antillobinthus, Yong & Desutter-Grandcolas & Teruel & Leguin, 2020

Yong, Sheyla, Desutter-Grandcolas, Laure, Teruel, Rolando & Leguin, Elise-Anne, 2020, A new genus and species of cricket from eastern Cuba: the first Antillean true Eneopterinae (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Eneopterinae), Zootaxa 4858 (2), pp. 261-273: 270-272

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Antillobinthus  spp.

Material examined: CUBA: Santiago de Cuba Province: Guamá Municipality: Sierra Maestra: Cordillera del Turquino : Aguada de Joaquín (20°00’47”N / 76°50’02”W / 1,663 m a.s.l.); 18/May/1948; F. de Zayas, one adult male ( FZ, dry pinned).GoogleMaps  4 km northwest of Peladeros river mouth, in trail from Las Piñas up to Barrio Nuevo (19°58’47”N / 76°42’14”W / 750 m a.s.l.); 17/June/2015; R. Teruel, one adult female ( SY, in ethanol 80%)GoogleMaps  . Santiago de Cuba Municipality: Sierra Maestra: Cordillera del Turquino : Sierra del Cobre : Loma del Gato (20°00’37”N / 76°02’45”W / 769 m a.s.l.); 12/June/2018; S. Yong & R. Teruel, 1 ♀ adult ( SY, in ethanol 80%).GoogleMaps  Cordillera de La Gran Piedra: El Chorrito, km 7.5 of road from Las Guásimas up to La Gran Piedra (20°00’39”N / 75°40’24”W / 540 m a.s.l.); 14/February/2016; S. Yong & R. Teruel, one adult female, one juvenile male ( SY, in ethanol 80%).GoogleMaps  La Gran Piedra (20°00’42”N / 75°37’37”W / 1,230 m a.s.l.); 4–6/October/2015; S. Yong & R. Teruel, one adult female ( SY, in ethanol 80%)GoogleMaps  . Holguín Province: Sagua de Tánamo Municipality: Parque Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt: Cuchillas del Toa : Cupeyal del Norte (20°28’09”N / 75°03’32”W / 705 m a.s.l.); 11–18/June/2019; L. Desutter & E.-A. Leguin, one juvenile male ( MNHN, dry pinned, fn LDG145), 2 juvenile females ( MNHNCu, in ethanol 80%, fn LDG103, 104)GoogleMaps  . Guantánamo Province: Maisí Municipality: Meseta de Maisí : La Asunción (20°10’34”N / 74°13’56”W / 420 m a.s.l.); 6/October/1973; C. Fundora, one adult male ( SY, dry pinned)GoogleMaps  .

Remarks. The material listed above is too incomplete for an accurate specific determination, e.g., none of the localities is represented by adults of both sexes, which hampers comparisons.

The collecting sites are widely separated from each other and from the type-locality of Antillobinthus inexpectatus Yong & Desutter-Grandcolas  n. sp. ( Fig. 10View FIGURE 10). Moreover, they are clearly split into two independent mountain ranges (Sierra Maestra and Sagua-Baracoa), each with its own very old, different biogeographical history that have turned both into distinct biodiversity hotspots, well known by their impressive number of locally endemic taxa ( Genaro & Tejuca, 2001; Teruel, 2011). This leads us to suspect that additional undescribed species may well be involved, but we chose to wait for additional, more representative samples to go further.


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