Racata grata Millidge, 1995

Tanasevitch, Andrei V., 2019, On the spider genus Racata Millidge, 1995, with the description of three new species (Araneae, Linyphiidae), Revue suisse de Zoologie 126 (1), pp. 53-59 : 54-56

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Racata grata Millidge, 1995


Racata grata Millidge, 1995 View in CoL

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Racata grata Millidge, 1995: 49 View in CoL , figs 62-63 (description of male).

Material examined: 1 female [Sar-87/11]; INDO- NESIA, Java, Bogor, Botanical Garden, soil sample between buttresses of large trees near two lakes, ca 260 m a.s.l.; 24.XI.1987; leg. B. Hauser. 1 male [Sar- 87/30]; Botanical Garden of Bogor , in nursery part, under flower pots and especially under paving slabs of the trail between greenhouses, 260 m a.s.l.; 28.XI.1987; leg. B. Hauser. 5 males, 15 females [AS-05/11]; Java , Mt Gede - Pangrango NP, near Cibodas, 6°47’0”S, 107°01’0”E, 1450-1600 m a.s.l.; 4.-11. V.2005; leg. A. Schulz. GoogleMaps 1 female [IND-08/02], Belitung Island , Mt Tajam, near Gurok Beraye Waterfall, 2°47’01”S 107°51’47”E, primary forest, 150 m a.s.l.; 20.IX.2008; leg. P. Schwendinger. All new localities GoogleMaps .

Remarks: The male holotype of R. grata (not examined) was described by Millidge (1995). A re-description of the male and the first description of the female are given below.

Description: Male from near Cibodas. Total length 1.50. Carapace unmodified, as shown in Fig. 1 View Figs 1-13 , 0.65 long, 0.60 wide, pale reddish brown. Chelicerae 0.30 long, mastidion absent. Chaetotaxy: TiI: 2-1-1-0; II: 2-0-1-0, III-IV: 2-0-0-0; MtI-IV without spines. Length of spines 1.5-2 diameters of corresponding leg segment. TmI 0.29. Palp ( Figs 14-15, 20 View Figs 14-22 ): Tibia short, simple. Distal half of cymbium narrowed. Narrow distal part of paracymbium longer than shown in original description (see Millidge, 1995: fig. 62 cf. Fig. 14 View Figs 14-22 ). Distal suprategular apophysis, called tegular apophysis by Millidge (1995), large, claw-shaped. Median membrane, not mentioned in original description, panicle-shaped. Convector (called radical part [of embolus] in op. cit.), massive, forming a hook anteriorly. Embolus developed as a narrow long stripe, forming a loop, abruptly narrowing apically. Radix small, rounded. Abdomen 0.80 long, 0.43 wide, uniformly grey ( Fig. 1 View Figs 1-13 ) or with a dorsal pattern similar to that in female ( Fig. 2 View Figs 1-13 ).

Female from near Cibodas. Total length 1.60. Carapace 0.63 long, 0.53 wide, unmodified, pale greyish yellow, with indistinct grey radial stripes and a narrow grey margin. Chelicerae 0.28 long. Legs yellow, its segments slightly darkened distally. Leg I 2.79 long (0.75+0.18+0.73+0.63+0.50), IV 2.51 long (0.70+0.15+0.63+0.60+0.43). TmI 0.34. Metatarsi IV without trichobothrium. Abdomen 0.95 long, 0.75 wide, dorsally grey, or cream-coloured with a grey pattern ( Fig. 2 View Figs 1-13 ). Epigyne ( Figs 3-4 View Figs 1-13 , 23 View Figs 23-26 ): Cavity slightly wider than long, with a rounded depression anterior to it. Copulatory ducts wide, helical; receptacles narrow, bent.

Taxonomic remarks: The male clearly differs from those of known congeners by the shape of its embolus: it is considerably thinner and longer than in R. brevis ( Fig. 15 View Figs 14-22 cf. Fig. 17 View Figs 14-22 ); it is three times shorter than in R. sumatera ( Fig. 15 View Figs 14-22 cf. Fig. 19 View Figs 14-22 ). The epigyne is similar to that of R. brevis , but differs by a larger depression anterior to the cavity ( Figs 3-4 View Figs 1-13 cf. Fig. 6 View Figs 1-13 ), as well as by the shape of the helical copulatory ducts ( Fig. 23 View Figs 23-26 cf. Fig. 24 View Figs 23-26 ).

Distribution: Known from the Indonesian islands of Krakatoa (type locality), Java and Belitung.


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Racata grata Millidge, 1995

Tanasevitch, Andrei V. 2019

Racata grata

Millidge A. F. 1995: 49
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