Proceratium Roger, 1863

Dlussky, G. M., Rasnitsyn, A. P. & Perfilieva, K. S., 2015, The Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of Bol’shaya Svetlovodnaya (Late Eocene of Sikhote-Alin, Russian Far East), Caucasian Entomological Bulletin 11 (1), pp. 131-152: 143

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Proceratium Roger, 1863


Genus Proceratium Roger, 1863 

Type species Proceratium silaceum Roger, 1863  , by monotypy.

Diagnosis (for impression fossils). Males. Waist of 1 segment (petiole) of different shape narrowly attached to 1st gastral (abdominal III) segment, with a distinctly descending posterior face. Gaster with constriction between 1st and 2nd gastral (abdominal III and IV) segments. Eyes large, rounded. Ocelli relatively small. Clypeus narrow, with weakly produced anterior margin. Frontal carinae short. Antennal insertions exposed, close to posterior clypeal margin. Antennae 13-segmented, filiform, with short scape. Mandibles triangular, touching when closed, without teeth on masticatory margin. Parapsidal furrows present. Each tibia with 1spur. Petiole with node. Helcium attached approximately to center of anterior surface of 1st gastral segment. 2nd gastral segment much longer than 1st, trapezoidal in side view, with strongly convex dorsal surface, such that entire body is arched, its tip directed down. Pygidium without terminal spine. Forewing with incomplete set of veins: closed cell rm reduce because 2-3RS absent.

Species included. There are 77 species in the recent fauna, distributed on all continents, but predominantly in the tropics [ Bolton, 2015]. Five species are known in the southern Palearctic [ Bolton et al., 2006]. Up until now, 5 fossil species have been described: P. denticulatum Lattke, 1991  , P.dominicanum Baroni Urbani et de Andrade, 2003  , P. gibberum Baroni Urbani et de Andrade, 2003  , P.poinari Baroni Urbani et de Andrade, 2003  (Dominican amber, Early Miocene) and P. eocenicum Dlussky, 2009  (Baltic amber, Late Eocene) [ Lattke, 1991; Baroni Urbani, de Andrade, 2003; Dlussky, 2009].