Melanopsis sculptilis Pallary, 1920

Neubauer, Thomas A., 2016, A nomenclator of extant and fossil taxa of the Melanopsidae (Gastropoda, Cerithioidea), ZooKeys 602, pp. 1-358: 246

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scientific name

Melanopsis sculptilis Pallary, 1920


Taxon classification Animalia Sorbeoconcha Melanopsidae

Melanopsis sculptilis Pallary, 1920 

Original source.

Pallary 1920b: 119.

Type horizon.


Type locality.

“Antimaki” ( Tournouër 1876: 449, 455) [ Antimácheia], Greece.


Introduced for Melania costata  sensu Tournouër, 1876. It was indirectly considered as a junior synonym by Willmann (1981: 177), who was unaware of Pallary’s replacement name but synonymized Melania costata  sensu Tournouër, 1876 with Melanopsis heldreichi  Neumayr, 1880.