Stilobezzia (Stilobezzia) thomsenae Wirth, 1953

William L. Grogan, Jr., Hribar, Lawrence J., Murphree, C. Steven & Cilek, James E., 2010, New records of biting and predaceous midges from Florida, including species new to the fauna of the United States (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae), Insecta Mundi 2010 (147), pp. 1-59 : 41-42

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Stilobezzia (Stilobezzia) thomsenae Wirth


Stilobezzia (Stilobezzia) thomsenae Wirth

Stilobezzia (Stilobezzia) thomsenae Wirth, 1953a: 83 (Florida); Wilkening et al. 1985: 526 (Florida records); Borkent and Grogan 2009: 22 (in Nearctic catalog; distribution).

Discussion. Wirth’s (1953a) original description of this species was based on the male holotype from Collier Co. and a female from Citrus Co. about which he stated “…is provisionally referred to S. (S.) thomsenae , since it resembles the male in coloration, although it may prove to be a dark specimen of S. (S.) bulla .” Under “diagnostic characters” for S. thomsenae, Wirth (1953a) noted “Very closely related to, and almost indistinguishable from bulla Thomsen , except for the very characteristic male genitalia.”

During ensuing years, Wirth identified and labeled approximately 30 slide-mounted females in the FSCA as S. thomsenae as well as a many more specimens as S. bulla . Our examination of these slidemounted specimens of S. bulla and S. thomsenae in the FSCA revealed that the wing of both sexes of S. bulla have a narrow fringe of macrotrichia on the anterior wing margin past the terminus of the costaradius and continues beyond the wing tip to at least the terminus of vein M 1 and sometimes beyond M 2, especially in females. Among the FSCA material were three females and two males of S. thomsenae from Jamaica that lack macrotrichia on their anterior wing margins. Based on this fact, we determined that most of the FSCA material identified by Wirth as S. thomsenae are actually specimens of S. bulla , and therefore, WLG relabeled these “ Stilobezzia bulla Thomsen, Det. Wm. L. Grogan, Jr.

Wilkening et al. (1985) listed S. thomsenae from Alachua, Calhoun, Citrus, Collier (holotype), Dade, Gilchrist, Glades, Gulf, Indian River, Jefferson, Liberty, Orange and Wakulla counties. However, in addition to the holotype male from Collier Co. (USNM), we can only confirm other specimens of S. thomsenae in the FSCA from Alachua, Dade, Glades and Indian River counties. We also provide the first records from Levy, Putnam, Sarasota and St. Lucie counties.

New records. Levy Co., Yankeetown , IV.1981, Alan Wilkening, light trap with CO 2, 1 female ; same data except XI.1981, 1 female ; same data except X.1981, 1 male ( FSCA). Putnam Co., Bad Water Lake , Weems Property , 27-28-V-1967, F. S. Blanton, 1 male ( FSCA). Sarasota Co. , Myakka (sic as Miyaka ), 16 March 1961, 3 females ( FSCA). St. Lucie Co. , Ft. Pierce , Chinese Farm, July 1987, Kai Lok Chan, ex. Pistia ( stratiodes ), 2 females, 1 male; (no town given) , 11 June-12 Nov. 1986, R. L. Escher, 2 females, 2 males ; same data except HWY 614, 6 August 1986, 1 male ( FSCA) .

Other FSCA specimens examined: Alachua Co., 25 Feb. 1965 -emerged 16 March 1965, reared from larva (soil sample), 1 female ; Gainesville, Chantilly Acres , 19-V-1967, F. S. Blanton, 1 male ; West Gainesville , VI-1968, Blanton & Fletcher, light trap, 1 male, 2 males same data except IX-1968 ; Island Grove , 1-VIII-1962, F. S. Blanton, 1 male. Dade Co., Orchid Jungle, May-June 1969, R. M. Baranowski, B. L. Trap, 3 males ; Homestead, 17-X-1984, R. Woodruff & L. Stange, UVLT, 1 male. Glades Co., 8 March 1961, S. B. H., 1 female. Indian River Co. , Fellesmere , 17-III-1956, LT, 1 female ; Vero Beach , Nov. 1957, W. L. Bidlingmayer, 1 male ; Vero Beach, Ent. Res. Center, Feb. 1959, light trap, 1 male .


Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology


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Stilobezzia (Stilobezzia) thomsenae Wirth

William L. Grogan, Jr., Hribar, Lawrence J., Murphree, C. Steven & Cilek, James E. 2010

Stilobezzia (Stilobezzia) thomsenae Wirth, 1953a: 83

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