Euseius myrobalanus (Ueckermann & Loots),

Moraes, G. J. De, Ueckermann, E. A., Oliveira, A. R. & Yaninek, J. S., 2001, Phytoseiid mites of the genus Euseius (Acari: Phytoseiidae) from Sub­Saharan Africa, Zootaxa 3, pp. 1-70: 32-33

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Euseius myrobalanus (Ueckermann & Loots)


Euseius myrobalanus (Ueckermann & Loots)  ( Fig. 20View FIGURE 20)

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) myrobalanus Ueckermann & Loots, 1988: 95  Euseius myrobalanus, McMurtry & Moraes, 1991: 25 

FEMALE (Specimens measured – Zambia: 9).

Dorsum ­ Dorsal shield with striation all along its margin, 294(278­336) long and 188(172­208) wide. Setae j1 28(24­34), j3 35(24­48), j4 18(11­26), j5 17(11­21), j6 25(18­ 32), J2 24(16­32), J5 8(6­10), z2 26(18­32), z4 38(22­48), z5 16(13­19), Z1 25(18­32), Z4 27(19­34), Z5 56(48­67), s4 54(38­67), S2 30(22­38), S4 28(21­34), S5 30(24­35), r3 21(19­24), R1 14(11­16). All setae smooth, except Z5, which are serrate.

Peritreme ­ Reaching level between z2 and j3.

Venter ­ All ventral shields smooth. Distances between ST1­ST3 56(53­62), ST2­ST2 64(62­ 67), ST5­ST5 67(62­74). A single pair of metapodal shields. Ventrianal shield 98(96­101) long, 47(42­ 51) wide at ZV2 level and 58(53­62) wide at anus level. Seta JV1 inserted on anterior margin of ventrianal shield.

Spermatheca – Calyx bulged, very short (9) and flaring distally; atrium indistinct.

Legs ­ Macrosetae sharp­tipped: SgeII, SgeIII and StiIII 24(19­29), SgeIV 37(32­50), StiIV 32(29­34), StIV 48(40­62).

REMARKS: McMurtry & Moraes (1991) considered E. myrobalans  to be a morphologically variable species, based on specimens collected in Zimbabwe that had several dorsal shield setae whose measurements did not  overlap with those of the original description of this species. The wide variation in length of some setae indicates that a complex of species may be involved in this case.

SPECIMENS EXAMINED: South Africa: Groblersdal, Mpumalanga Province, on Combretum zeyheri  and grass, 19­IV­1979, M.K.P. Smith Meyer; Dennilton, Mpumalanga Province, on Combretum  sp., 19­VI­1979, M.K.P. Smith Meyer. Zambia: 3 km N. Mpika, on Piliostigmata thonningii  and Combretum molle  , 16­VI­92, J.S. Yaninek; 75 km N. Mpika, on Termina mollis, 16­VII­92, A. Onzo; 150 km S.W. Mpika, on Protea gaguedi  , 17­VI­92, J.S. Yaninek; 75 km W. Solwezi, on Anisofhylla pomiflora, 17­X­92, M. Mebelo; 10 km N. Mansa, on Combretum ghasalense  , 12­VI­92, A. Onzo; 7 km S. Mwinilunga, on unidentified plant, M. Mebelo.