Rineloricaria sp.

de Brito, Victor & Buckup, Paulo Andreas, 2019, The fish fauna of the upper Piraí drainage, a transposed mountain river system in southeastern, Brazil, Check List 15 (1), pp. 235-247 : 242

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https://doi.org/ 10.15560/15.1.235

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Rineloricaria sp.


Rineloricaria sp. cf. R. lima ( Kner, 1853)

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Geographic distribution: Unknown.

Diagnosis: In this study we refer this species as Rineloriaria sp. cf. R. lima due to similarity of the specimens from the Piraí drainage with specimens of this genus collected in the Paraíba do Sul previously identified as Rineloricaria cf. lima by other authors (e.g. Fichberg 2008). The taxonomic status of R. lima , however, is uncertain because the type material is lost, and the type locality is unknown.