Cylindroniscus Arcangeli, 1929,

Fernandes, Camile Sorbo, Campos-Filho, Ivanklin Soares & Bichuette, Maria Elina, 2018, Cylindroniscus platoi (Isopoda: Oniscidea: Styloniscidae), a new cave-dwelling species from Lagoa Santa Karst, Southeastern Brazil, Zootaxa 4461 (3), pp. 411-420: 412

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Cylindroniscus Arcangeli, 1929


Cylindroniscus Arcangeli, 1929 

TyPE SPEciES. Cylindroniscus seurati  ARcangELi, 1929 by MOnOTyPy.

Diagnosis (after Campos-Filho et al. 2017a). Eyes and colour absent; pereon with cylindrical shape and pleon continuous with body outline; pleonites 3–5 with reduced epimera; telson  triangular; cephalon with suprantennal line, no antennary lobes and no frontal line; antennula of three articles, with distal article bearing line of stout aesthetascs, often apically cleft; antennal flagellum of 3–5 articles; mandibles with long seta near outer margin, left mandible with two penicils, right mandible with one penicil, sometimes one penicil on molar process; maxillula outer branch with 3+4 or 5 teeth, inner branch with two stout apical penicils and long seta; maxilliped endite with apical penicil; pereopod 6 and 7 propodus with distal tuft of setae on tergal margin; uropod exopod and endopod inserted at same level. Male pleopod 1 endopod consists of two articles, distal article flagelliform; male pleopod 2 endopod stout, consisting of two articles.