Phuphania, Tumpeesuwan & Naggs & Panha, 2007

Tumpeesuwan, Chanidaporn, Naggs, Fred & Panha, Somsak, 2007, A New Genus And New Species Of Dyakiid Snail (Pulmonata: Dyakiidae) From The Phu Phan Range, Northeastern Thailand, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 55 (2), pp. 363-369 : 364

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.4508115


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gen. nov.

Phuphania View in CoL , new genus

Type species. – Phuphania globosa View in CoL , new species.

Diagnosis. – The key generic characters distinguishing Phuphania from other genera in the Dyakiidae are those of the amatorial organ: possession of small ducts clustered within the amatorial organ gland and fused lobes forming a cap over the amatorial organ. The amatorial organ of Phuphania most closely resembles those of Kalamantania and Everettia but in these genera the gland consists of few lobes, each entering the amatorial organ apically. In Bertia the amatorial organ is composed of many tightly packed lobes; each lobe with an individual duct apically entering the amatorial organ.

Etymology. – ‘ Phuphania ’ from the Phu (= Mountain) Phan range, the type locality.

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