Dohrniphora hararensis , Disney, R. Henry L., 2003

Disney, R. Henry L., 2003, Revision of the Afrotropical species of Dohrniphora DAHL (Diptera: Phoridae), Zootaxa 196, pp. 1-24: 9-10

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.156866

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scientific name

Dohrniphora hararensis

sp. nov.

Dohrniphora hararensis  sp. nov.

(Fig. 11)

The name refers to the type locality (see below).


Frons brown, wider than long, with 44­48 hairs and microsetae reduced to minute dots only. Antials a little further apart than either is from an anterolateral, and all four bristles in an almost straight transverse row. Bristles of middle row likewise, except MLs are slightly lower on frons than POs. Postpedicels light brown, subglobose but slightly longer than broad. Yellow palps with five apical bristles, one of which is small, and about seven small hairs along length of segment 2 below. Light yellow brown labrum narrower than palp. Straw yellow labella lightly tinged brown above. Thorax brown. Scutellum with an anterior pair of small hairs and a posterior pair of bristles. Abdomen with dark brown tergites bearing sparse small hairs. Venter straw yellow with some hairs below segments 4 and 5, some at rear of 5 being more bristle like. Hypopygium, including anal tube, largely brown. Apart from brown mid coxae, legs straw yellow variably tinged brown; especially dorsal edge, towards ventral margin and distal third of hind femur. Front tibia with five small dorsal spines. Dorsal hair palisade of mid tibia ends at basal pair of bristles. Base of hind femur as Fig. 11. Hind tibia lacks isolated bristles in upper three quarters and the posterodorsals only weakly differentiated. Wings just over 1.5 mm long. Costal index 0.40. Costal ratios about 8.4: 1.7: 1. Costal cilia 0.04­0.05 mm long. Otherwise wing and haltere very similar to D. gouteuxi  .

Dohrniphora  males, posterior face of bases of hind femora: (11) D. hararensis  ;

(12) D. harteni  . Scale bars = 0.1 mm.