Gorgosaurus libratus

Currie, P. J., 1987, Theropods of the Judith River Formation of dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada, Fourth Symposium on Mesozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems, Drumheller, Alberta: Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, pp. 51-60: 55

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Gorgosaurus libratus


Gorgosaurus libratus  

frontals are characterized by the presence of a prefrontal socket, the reduction of the orbital rim to a notch, and the retention of a relatively short (rostrocaudally), overlapping suture for the postorbital ( Fig. 1g View FIG. 1 ). immature frontals of Gorgosaurus libratus   can be distinguished from that of cf. Aublysodon   by their relatively greater thickness and width for a given length. in Daspletosaurus torosus   , the shape of the frontal has been changed by the enlargement of the lacrimal and postorbital, causing an increase in the posterior width of the frontal ( Fig. 1h View FIG. 1 ), and a lengthening of the postorbital suture.