Andesipolis yanayacu Townsend & Shaw 2008,

Mitio, Shimbori Eduardo, Souza, Souza-Gessner Carolina Da Silva, Maria, Penteado-Dias Angelica & Richard, Shaw Scott, 2017, A revision of the genus Andesipolis (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Mesostoinae) and redefinition of the subfamily Mesostoinae, Zootaxa 4216 (2), pp. 101-152: 150

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.230717

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Andesipolis yanayacu Townsend & Shaw 2008


Andesipolis yanayacu Townsend & Shaw 2008 

Diagnosis. Body color mostly dark brown; fore wing stigma narrow, more than 4x longer than broad; propodeum with distinct pentagonal areola and cross bridge; first metasomal tergite rugose with dorsal carinae converging but not meeting; tarsal claws simple, without basal lobe; sternaulus short; ovipositor curved upward, about as long as hind tibia.

Distribution. Ecuador and Colombia.

Material examined. Ecuador: Napo above Papallacta 3,200–3,500 m (~ 40km of type locality) (5♀, 3♂)  ; Colombia, Caldas, 5°15'" N 76°25' W, 3,300–3,500 m (2♀, 2♂)  .