Deinodryinus prinslooi (Olmi, 1987),

Olmi, Massimo, Copeland, Robert S. & Noort, Simon Van, 2019, Dryinidae of the Afrotropical region (Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea), Zootaxa 4630 (1), pp. 1-619: 244

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Deinodryinus prinslooi (Olmi, 1987)


20. Deinodryinus prinslooi (Olmi, 1987) 

( Figs 92EView FIGURE 92, 94View FIGURE 94 B–E)

Prioranteon prinslooi Olmi 1987c: 44  ; 2006: 40.

Deinodryinus prinslooi (Olmi)  : Olmi 2007b: 207; Guglielmino & Olmi 2015: 247.

Description. ♀ ( Figs 94View FIGURE 94 B–E). Micropterous; forewing very reduced, approximately as long as mesoscutellum, reaching transverse furrow behind mesoscutellum. Hind wing absent. Body length 4.0– 4.4 mm. Head black, except mandible, clypeus and anterior margin of frons testaceous; antenna black, except scape, pedicel and part of flagellomere 1 testaceous; mesosoma black, except posterior collar of pronotum testaceous; metasoma black; legs brown, except tarsi and meso- and metatibia testaceous. Antenna clavate; antennomeres in following proportions: 8:5:17:11:11:9:8:7:7:9. Head dull, flat, strongly punctate, unsculptured among punctures, or very slightly granulate; frontal line absent; frons without median furrow; occipital carina complete; POL = 5; OL = 3; OOL = 10; OPL = 5; TL = 8. Pronotum shiny, very slightly granulate, with very humped and long anterior disc and posterior transverse impression; posterior collar short; posterior margin of posterior collar almost straight, reaching tegula, without posterior lobe directed towards tegula. Mesoscutum excavated, rugose, very reduced, longer than posterior collar of pronotum. Mesoscutellum shiny, humped, unsculptured, approximately as long and as broad as mesoscutum. Metanotum not visible. Metapectal-propodeal disc humped, separated from mesoscutellum by deep transverse furrow (impression sculptured by transverse keels). Metapectal-propodeal disc and propodeal declivity reticulate rugose. Meso-metapleural suture distinct, strong, complete. Mesopleuron and metapleuron reticulate rugose. Protarsomeres in following proportions: 11:1.5:8:13:25; protarsomere 2 produced into small hook. Enlarged claw ( Fig. 92EView FIGURE 92) with two bristles situated further distally than proximal prominence. Protarsomere 5 ( Fig. 92EView FIGURE 92) with one row of about 44 lamellae; apex with approximately three lamellae. Tibial spurs 1/1/2.

♂. Unknown.

Material examined. Type: ♀ holotype: SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape, Alexandria, 33°39’S 26°25’E, G.L. Prinsloo leg. ( SANC)GoogleMaps  . Other material: SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape, Winterberg, The Hoek Farm , 32°21.260’S 26°23.001’E, 1879 m, 30.X.2009 – 22.II.2010, YPT, Amathole Mistbelt Grassland, S. van Noort leg.GoogleMaps 

, 1♀ ( SAMC)  .

Hosts. Unknown.

Distribution. South Africa.


Agricultural Research Council-Plant Protection Research Institute


Iziko Museums of Cape Town














Deinodryinus prinslooi (Olmi, 1987)

Olmi, Massimo, Copeland, Robert S. & Noort, Simon Van 2019

Prioranteon prinslooi

Olmi, M. 1987: 44

Deinodryinus prinslooi

Guglielmino, A. & Olmi, M. 2015: 247
Olmi, M. 2007: 207