Bocchus kogelbergensis Olmi, 2007,

Olmi, Massimo, Copeland, Robert S. & Noort, Simon Van, 2019, Dryinidae of the Afrotropical region (Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea), Zootaxa 4630 (1), pp. 1-619: 282-283

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Bocchus kogelbergensis Olmi, 2007


16. Bocchus kogelbergensis Olmi, 2007 

( Figs 82FView FIGURE 82, 86View FIGURE 86 D–F)

Bocchus kogelbergensis Olmi 2007b: 212  .

Description. ♀ ( Figs 107View FIGURE 107 D–F). Micropterous; forewing about twice as long as tegula (13:6). Body length 3.1–3.5 mm. Head black, except mandible testaceous and clypeus ferruginous; antenna testaceous, except antennomeres 5–10 brown; mesosoma and metasoma black; legs testaceous, except coxae and clubs of femora darkened. Antenna clavate; antennomeres in following proportions: 14:7:9:7:7:6:6:5.5:6:8.5. Head ( Figs 107D, FView FIGURE 107) dull, setose, granulate and with many irregular longitudinal keels; frontal line complete; occipital carina complete; dorsal side of head without two lateral keels around orbits; POL = 5; OL = 3.5; OOL = 10; OPL = 8.5; TL = 10; greatest breadth of lateral ocelli shorter than OL (2:3.5). Pronotum setose, shiny, crossed by transverse impression between anterior and posterior collar; anterior collar partly slightly granulate and partly unsculptured; posterior collar reticulate rugose; pronotal tubercle reaching tegula. Mesoscutum ( Fig. 107DView FIGURE 107) setose, dull, reticulate rugose and sculptured by strong irregular longitudinal keels. Notauli absent. Mesoscutellum dull, reticulate rugose. Metanotum very short, reduced. Metapectal-propodeal disc and propodeal declivity setose, completely reticulate rugose; propodeal declivity without longitudinal keels. Mesopleuron and metapleuron dull, setose, reticulate rugose and sculptured by transverse keels. Protarsomeres in following proportions: 16:3:3.5:12:17. Enlarged claw ( Fig. 101FView FIGURE 101) with one row of six teeth and one long bristle. Protarsomere 5 ( Fig. 101FView FIGURE 101) with one preapical lamella, an inner band and one row of three bristles. Tibial spurs 1/1/1.

♂. Unknown.

Material examined. Types: ♀ holotype: SOUTH AFRICA: Western Cape, Kogelberg Nature Reserve , 34°15’S 19°05’E, 16.XII.1999 – 16.I.2000, pitfall trap, S. van Noort leg., SAM-HYM-P024851 ( SAMC). Paratype: same locality label as holotype, SAM-HYM-P024851GoogleMaps  , 1♀ ( SAMC). Other material: SOUTH AFRICA: Western Cape, Walker Bay Nature Reserve, 34°27.414’S 19°21.393’E, 57 m, 26.XII.1997, Sweep, WB 97-S40, South Coast Strandveld , S. van Noort leg., SAM-HYM-A 022123GoogleMaps  , 1♀ ( SAMC)  .

Hosts. Unknown.

Distribution. South Africa.


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Bocchus kogelbergensis Olmi, 2007

Olmi, Massimo, Copeland, Robert S. & Noort, Simon Van 2019

Bocchus kogelbergensis

Olmi, M. 2007: 212